Hilton Hall, Dove Cote


Hilton Hall was built early in the seventeenth century, perhaps by the centenarian Robert Walpole, who ended his days there. It has a Jacobean staircase and moulded oak beams and was re-fronted with new windows in the 1740s. The modern wrought iron gates were made locally at the smithy in Yelling. Behind the house is a large dove house. These were once common in the neighborhood and two other dove houses in the village, at Church Farm (near where Tanglewood now stands) and at Kidman’s Farm, have disappeared in recent times. Pigeons were a useful source of fresh meat in winter and their droppings may also have provided saltpetre for gunpowder.

We were contracted to restore and extend Hilton Hall a few years back (which you can see in our portfolio) and now we have been asked to re-roof and restore the old Dove Cote in it’s back garden. Dove Cote is a substantial building built from 2 1/4 in soft red bricks with what was once a beautiful peg tiled roof. As with many of these buildings, it had been left over the years, with the odd ineffective repair of metal ties added in the wrong position.

We have been repairing the brick work for some time while waiting for a decision on the roof.

After many conversations with HDC conservation teams we all reached a conclusion that the roof would be replaced with a sympathetic oak version.


In March the scaffolding tin roof went over the top so we could carry on in all weather and to make sure that the famous Bloomsbury murals were protected from any further damage.

The wall plate bricks have been reset where needed and new oak lintels were installed over the doors and windows due to the originals not being man enough for the job.


The oak structure had all been marked out and cut on the floor before being lifted up the 9m by a telehandler ready to be assembled in position.


The mullioned window will be repaired and fully restored after the roof is finished.


The principle trusses are up and purlins being fitted


All the comon rafters are installed


Hip & Jacks going in so we are almost complete and ready for the waney edge oak boarding to be fitted.

We have a new clock to be installed on the north face witch will need a to be mounted on its own access door for easy maintenance and adjustment……