Chapel of St Helen

This week we have a quick job at this Norman Chapel of St Helen to complete. This Grade II Listed chapel is in need of urgent structural repair, and we’ll be replacing a number of beams and adding metal straps to protect it from falling down!

Chapel of St Helen


This twelfth-century Chapel is thought to be one of the oldest in the East of England! It has retained two original windows and some original walls, but underwent two main phases of rebuilding in the thirteenth and twentieth centuries. A lot of what we see today is left from these.


The project kicked off with an initial meeting with the estate manager to assess exactly what work would need doing.




The West wall has two corner beams in need of replacing, and a couple of beams in the roof will also need seeing to.

Beams to replace

SurveyingRoof Beams


Two of our carpenters have set to work replacing some of the beams and securing the chapel by adding metal straps to the weakest points of the beams. Each strap was made to fit the space perfectly, to give the Chapel roof as much support as possible.

StrapsStrap in Place


New beams were inserted around the Chapel to give more strength to some of the weaker beams.

Making the groove  New beamsNew beam



A cart shed on the estate was also in need of repairing, so our team set to replacing the pillars.

Before After