Architectural Visualisation

Our English Listed team is rapidly expanding, and has recently taken on a few new members! With new team members come new services we can offer our clients, and we are very excited to now have an Architectural Visualisation Assistant in our office.

In January our new and exciting Architectural Visualisation Assistant started, and we’d like to share some of the work he’s been doing to show you an exciting new service we are able to offer to all our clients.



He’s role is to create realistic representations of what your home will look like at the end of our building project. This allows you to accurately visualise the outcome of our work, and gives us the opportunity to help plan your build in greater detail.



He describes how we’ve modernised our methods for creating the all-important initial plans for your project:
“The visualisation of architecture has always been a niche for classic properties. With technology developing rapidly, the English Listed has been quick to utilise high-end software and develop our methods to meet your needs. This now enables us to be part of that ‘niche’ market the industry strives for, and offer you premium services. 

With client specifications in mind, I combine everyone’s input and expertise to produce the best possible designs for your project. We give the option for your property to be represented as Stills (photos) and/or Animations for you to really get a sense of what the space will look like finished, and show your family and friends what your new home will be like”.

PatioWest St
More examples of this work will be on display in our new West Street St Ives office, so you can browse our visualisations alongside the finished builds.