Lime Rendering

Beam and Horseshoe

Puppy watching our craftsmen at workEnglish Listed


The English Listed were recently called in to restore lime rendering to the walls of the living room of this Grade II Listed Property, repairing all damage made by the old hardboard finish.


The hardboard walls were stripped back to make way for a breathable wood wall and lime render. The cracked hardboard was damaging the property; its impermeable layer worked against historic building methods, trapping moisture inside the wall which can lead to damp. By re-implementing traditional building methods, we were able to undo this damage and prevent further problems for our client.


Exposed WallWood Wall


Once the old bricks were exposed, work on the walls could begin! Firstly, the wood wall layer was added. Next, a layer of lime was plastered to the walls. Lime render has been used on buildings for centuries and is a tried and tested traditional building material. Our team added a mixture of goat and horse hair to the lime mix, another historic trick, to strengthen the wall.


Lime Render

Lime Render 2Horse Hair


Interestingly, the bay window was not an original feature of the house, and its addition had left one of the oak beams more vulnerable to dropping. There were also a number of cracks running through the beam that concerned the owner. We were asked to survey this beam for potential dropping and assess whether these cracks were symptomatic of a larger problem… The results were very encouraging! The iron pegs were doing their job to prevent any sagging, and the cracks in the wood were given the all clear.



We began work adding symmetry to the fireplace- to the right of the fireplace was a column of bricks which was absent from the left hand side, creating an uneven appearance. New bricks were carefully sourced to best match the existing ones, and 200mm of depth was added to the new column to further support the fireplace. The corners of the bricks were spruced up with a mesh cap, to ensure that the finished edges will appear sharp, creating a better aesthetic. The bricks were then covered in lime.


BrickworkCorner MeshworkLime Render


Antique, buff finish tiles for the fireplace hearth were carefully sourced to be sympathetic to the interior of the house and original tiles in the hallway.

Hearth Tiles


Next came a much needed tea break while we waited for all the lime layers to dry! Each layer needs roughly a week to fully dry.


Drying Wait


Finally, the walls were painted, the lights were installed, radiators were all put back and the lime rendering finished!




Living Room


We are very pleased with the transformation! The house should now be safe from any further internal damage.

FireplaceFireplace2Finished Room