It’s important to us that all our renovations work harmoniously with the history of each building. Lighting plays a key role in how we view our surroundings, and at the English Listed we use lights very carefully to evoke different feelings in each space we design. Lighting can highlight original architectural features, add a splash of modern design, or can simply help create the right atmosphere in a room.

We use a combination of clean and simple Belgian shades and heritage Edison Squirrel Cage lamps to create a balance between the old and the new in these fittings. They throw a beautiful, warm light into the room, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Light 1Light 2


These spotlights have been used to highlight the historic features of these properties, with the exposed beams and original archways illuminated by the beams of light.

Lights 3Lights 4


These Belgian lights were carefully sourced to bring a touch of modern design to this barn renovation. The simple chain wire hangs from the high vaulted ceilings with the bold pendant hanging low in the room, creating an eye catching feature that compliments the crisp walls and exposed beams.

Light 5


We are always looking to bring more light to our lives, and are in the process of sourcing a variety of contemporary floor lamps for our showroom in St Ives. These will, of course, be available through our shop and website once we’re finished setting it all up!

Light 6  Light 7