It’s all in the planning!

Here at The English Listed, we are incredibly proud of our expertise in restoring period properties, injecting new life into the fabric of the building and adding timeless style.  As architects, builders and interior designers we are here to listen to your thoughts on your project, observe, take in the information presented to us and translate this is to a building which will last for generations and bring pleasure to those who spend time in and around it.

We’re also experts at navigating the often perilous process of Listed Building Consent and in fact, we have achieved a 100% success rate in gaining Listed Building Consent.

No matter what your budget, or how difficult the situation, it is our job to find a way of presenting a Planning Application which answers those questions with a positive answer & plan.  As conservation specialists, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. Such buildings are generally the most problematic and with a high level of criteria to fulfil.

Fiona Russek heads up our conservation team with twelve year’s experience as an architect followed by twelve years working on the other side of the fence as a Conservation Officer. This experience is truly invaluable and allows us to present our applications in a form expected by the conservation office teams which greatly helps in the overall application process.

Do get in touch by contacting us at  or calling 01480 301600 if we can help you with your period or listed building.  We’d love to hear about it.