Vera Z Felt

If you have never come across the art of felting, taking a handful of raw wool ‘roving’ and gently moulding and meshing it together with a sharp, fine needle, you have missed out one of life’s simple pleasures! 

Mindful in every possible way, we have even been known as team to make a pot of tea, pull out the needles and craft something lovely out of felt! 

Inspired by this, we were delighted to come across Vera Z when sourcing beautiful new artefacts for the gallery.

Vera Frederiksen Zhotkevich is a felt-maker and a textile artist, living in Sweden. She works with all materials found in the Nordic nature.

The Scandinavian epos and lore have been her inspiration for a long time. She believes in a natural way with textile techniques from all over the world, is uses inspiration for a new story.

She uses primarily reused/redeployed fabric. Then dyes the textile either with biodegradable acid-dyes or with plants from her own garden and surroundings.

She slowly dyes her work according to time and lets the natural processes take the time it needs. She believes in creating things slowly, with an idea and a feeling that they will stay put for a long time and carry on a story within from one generation to another.


Please find pictures of our lovely stock below

FELTED POT WHITE (£14.99 – £29.99)
FELTED POT WHITE (£14.99 – £29.99)
FELTED POT WHITE (£14.99 – £29.99)  FELTED POT GREY (£19.99)