Visual Delight

It’s inherently a part of the human psyche to have aspirations for our homes, and most of us can’t help but mull over the opportunities they hypothetically present to us as we dream of the joyful lifestyle improvements our remodelled/extended/redeveloped homes will give us! Taking the leap in committing to improving your home is only the first big step however in a lengthy journey of endless practical, financial and aesthetic decisions that need to be made on an architectural and interior design project to make sure your project is as well specified as possible.

From comprehensive redesigns including extensions, loft conversions, spatial planning and full refurbishments to lighter touch redecorations, the team here at The English Listed know just how difficult it is for clients to be able to really understand how their project will ultimately look.  To that end, we have developed a particularly visual way of bringing an architectural or interior design concept to life at every stage of the design and planning process.

Imagine the excitement, not to mention the cost-saving benefits, of seeing your project, in full glorious detail, before you have even committed a penny to the actual build. Understanding how the final brickwork will look, the scale of the windows, the roof detailing, the textures and material choices including wall and floor tiles, wooden flooring, lighting details, even that tap you have lusted after for months!   By using CAD 3D sketch drawings, photo-realistic visuals and three-dimensional floor plans, your project will come to life on the screen, to allow you to really consider every aspect of the design. 

We recently completed this lovely rear single story extension on a client’s Victorian town house in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, which illustrates just how accurately the concept can be rendered as a visualisation.  The clients are happily moved in now and are delighted with their newly extended family home, but initially it was presented to them as a series of 3D visuals.  Here’s their journey;


STEP 1 Concept Presentation

As well as typical architectural plans and elevations of the proposed concept, we showed our client a 3D sketch drawing, which in itself, already illustrates successfully how the property will look.



Step 2 Design Development

The design was developed further to incorporate our client’s feedback, including additional glazing, and was presented as a 3D floor plan which allows the spatial layout and fenestration to be fully understood.


The chosen design was also presented as a full photo-realistic visusalisation showing all aspects of the proposed build.


You can see just how accurate this representation is when compared to the final (almost  – we were just getting ready for handover to the client!) completed build.



Further examples of 3D Photo-realistic visuals for some of our recent projects 


Do get in touch if you have a project you would like to see brought to life in this way!  You can email us on or call 01480 301600