Quendon Hall (case study 4)


Our team was given 24 wintery days in January and February to fully restore the main facade of the 17th century Mansion House, Quendon Hall. This included the restoration of 28 sash windows, cleaning and repainting the stonemasonry, hand-crafting and reshaping parts of the fa├žade, repairing the box butter and roof, and finally treating the extensive dry rot. Altogether, this was quite a challenge, but one we were keen to complete to the best of our abilities.

Working on such a historic building meant we took great care to ensure its safety while working on it, and we protected the Hall throughout the month. The building was fully wrapped to keep everything air tight, so that we could control the air temperature and guard against frost. Turns out this was extremely worthwhile, as we saw six inches of snow appear overnight in the first week.

We soon discovered that the level of rot was far worse than expected, which stemmed largely from incorrect building materials used in a restoration project 30 years previously. Our entire team of 34 craftsmen were called in to help to keep us on schedule, as well as our treatment specialist who responded immediately with a full and comprehensive treatment of the entire box gutter.

Using the right materials and building methods to suit each building perfectly is extremely important to our team, and we are proud to have been able to help to preserve this historic Hall. Working on a site like this gives us all an appreciation of the art of building; it was a great job to be part of, and the energy from everyone carried the project through to a wonderful finish on time.