By the very nature of who we are, we architects and designers get all worked up over the finest of detail, often to the point of obsession, but when it comes down to specifying detail for your own home or project, the tactile elements of a build, the points that you will be coming into contact with on a very regularly basis really do matter!  The substantial light switch that you are going to flick on and off several times a day, the satin smooth handrail that you are going to touch every time you go up and down your stairs, the satisfying clunk of a kitchen cupboard door that you are going to close many times a day for a not insignificant number of years; these are but small details but details that can please you many times over – or irritate you – and which indisputably change the way that you live in – and feel about – your home.

So this stuff really matters.

And that’s precisely the reason that we were so keen to work with the beautiful ironmongery Belgian brand, Dauby.  We are very proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Dauby, supplying both to the trade and directly to customers and we take great pleasure in using Dauby’s beautiful collection in the majority of our architecture and interior design projects.

Dauby’s ironmongery is a collection of traditionally crafted and timeless door and window furniture, produced by hand in small batches in Belgium using traditional sand casting techniques.   We love these products for their historically referenced design which suit traditional and contemporary buildings alike, excellent quality and the timeless detailing they give.

We love these product for their historically referenced design, excellent quality and the timeless detailing they will give any home. Using both traditional materials such as Aged Iron, Dauby have also developed new materials such as Raw Bronze and Raw Metal to add a perfect finishing touch to both the interior and the exterior of your home.

The company is renowned for its attention to detail, through every process. It starts through the technology they use. It is more than three thousand years old. First, the metal is poured into sand moulds. Through the sand-moulding process, the ironwork acquires a grainy surface to show small imperfections. This makes each piece unique and gives it an artisan, weathered look. Then the products are finished off by hand, this ensures that every detail is to their standard.


The industrial aesthetic continues to grow in popularity and Crittal windows have become one of the most sought after glazing systems, working well with exposed brick and natural finish timbers.  Fixtures and fittings feature dark matt finishes which contrast with woods and metals, epitomising this unrefined look.  The Dauby collection makes a perfect pairing with this style, combining beautifully functional door handles, window latches, rails.

We have a select range of products available to order on our website, but the extensive Dauby collection is available to order.  Do just give us a call on 01480 301600 or drop us  a line here. We’d be pleased to provide yuo with further information and a quote. 


Some of our favourite pieces;