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Bee-encouraging: Don’t Step on a Bee Day!

Tuesday the 10th July unites the nation for the 2018 National Don’t Step on a Bee Day and we’re calling for your help to protect our precious bees!

As you probably know by now, nature and the environment are very dear to our heart here at The English Listed, and with that in mind, we’re delighted to support this cause by spreading the word about promoting bees and all the wonderful things they contribute to our environment.  Solitary bees are facing massive decline and this is in part, due to habitat loss.  Many people also have an instinct when they see bees to try and shoo them away or even kill them. This habit is caused by fear, as when they feel threatened bees can cause a rather painful sting. However, this sting is the last resort of bees who feel that their life is endangered as stinging someone will actually cause the bee to die.

To help bees flourish in your garden, we’re also delighted to launch a new collection of bee-autifully designed bee-encouraging products.  This award winning range of bee hotels look stylish on their own own in the garden, allotment or balcony and can also be incorporated into building to create attractive nesting sites within the walls of houses or gardens, garages etc.  By using our range of bee bricks you are helping create new places for bees to nest in.  More habitat encourages these vital pollinators into yuor garden, great news for your planting – and because solitary bees don’t have a queen or honey to protect, they are non-aggressive and safe around children and pets.



Click here to see our full range of bee bricks and bee hotels available in store and online now £18.75 – £49.00

You can also see a fabulous short film here showcasing Green and Blue: the awesome company who lovingly fabricates the Beepots and Bricks from their workshop in Cornwall.



And what else can you do to help Britain’s bees;

Local Honey

One great way that people can help preserve bees in the United Kingdom is to make sure that they only purchase locally produced honey rather than honey that is imported. The majority of our honey here in the UK is imported (85%!), but with the wealth of beekeepers on our doorstep, there is really no need. Support your local beekeeper by visiting a nearby farm shop or deli and enjoy their precious produce for breakfast on some warm buttered toast – yum!

Adopt a beehive

If you want to help the honeybees but don’t have space or time, you can support the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) in their efforts to promote bees and beekeeping by adopting a beehive  Adopt a Beehive


Download the Great British Bee Count app

This wonderful app created by Friends of the Earth allows you to log the bees you spot out and about. This builds a picture of bee health and activity in the UK to secure a thriving future for our buzzing bees! You can find out more about the app here.


Below:  Beebricks and Pots by The English Listed