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Outside in and inside out

‘Homes’ and ‘Gardens’ have typically been regarded as two binary entities within interior design. Yet as the indoor plant and raw materials trend continues unabated and verdant images of cheese plants, succulents and blossomy stems continue to dominate Instagram, Pinterest and design magazines, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living are becoming increasingly blurred.

Natural materials create a really tranquil feeling in the home so we’re more than ready to embrace this interior exterior fluidity.  If you need a little convincing however, look no further than these outdoor to indoor tips, with some great ideas from The English Listed for beautifully designed indoor:outdoor products!



Shelf Life

Suspend simple industrial style wooden shelves from hooks and dot with plants in antique terracotta flower pots for a timeless look.  This is a gorgeous look in a kitchen alcove, particularly when shelves are laden with herbs in mismatched pots and other favourite finds.  An injection of foliage is the perfect way to breathe life into a functional and sterile bathroom – and with its low light and high humidity, the bathroom makes the perfect home for many houseplants. Ferns, aloe vera and the lovely watermelon peperomia will all thrive.


Wooden Wall Shelf with Triangular sides £59.99


Top of the table!

Furnish dining tables, side tables, worktop and pedestals with plants in an eclectic mix of pots on contrasting natural materials and shapes and sizes, grouped.  It’s a great way to bring a whole host of greenery to a dining area and far more eco-friendly than cut flowers that perish within days.  Small, compact variants such as succulents and cactii and particularly herbs will give a farmers market vibe make great visual impact and will smell wonderful.


Tableware and accessories all from The English Listed.

Stone and Cocoa Set of Two Stratton Cement Bowls £34.99

OOhh Recycled Paper and Rubber Rome Pot £11.99

Oohh Recycled Wooden Plant Pot stand £2.99

Small white Oslo recycled paper pot £5.99

Glass pharmacy bottle £3.50,

Square glass display box £24.99

Industrial Metal Two Tier Display Stand £69.99

Brass and glass terrarium £89.99


Oohh Oslo Recycled Paper pots £10.99



Swing from the rooftops

Hang trailing plants such as ivy or senecio from plant trays or wooden swings or use recycled materials such as paper pots to set off your greenery beautifully!


Oohh Cemented Hanging Trays from £45.00


Wooden Plant Display Swing Shelf  £39.99


Living walls

Plants don’t simply need to be in pots on shelves or tables… adorn your walls with the beauty of nature to create living walls… use wall-mounted hanging pots or some of our ceramic pots with leather strings, and let trailing pots tumble down your walls for verdant lushness!  Greenery can be aded to even the smallest of spaces in this way.


White porcelain hanging pot £13.99



Ceramic Hanging Pot with Leather String £8.99

Our favourite indoor plants!


Swiss cheese plant monstera deliciosa

Radiator Plant

String of Pearls plant Senecio rowleyanus

Chinese Money Plant Pilea Peperomioides

Any mature established cactii