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Spring is well and truly in the air, with a flush of daffodils along every highway and byway, a fuzz of greenery appearing throughout the land and noticeably warmer days!

‘New-ness’ and rejuvenation is very much on the agenda as thoughts turn to summer approaching and we are delighted here at The English Listed to welcome some wonderful new products to our collection.

It’s no secret that the natural world is at the heart of everything we do; from our nature-inspired art collection through to the beautiful natural and where possible sustainable materials we use in our architectural design and build projects, so it goes without saying that when sourcing a skincare brand to represent here at 17 West Street and on our website, we sought out a brand that shared the same values.

It was therefore with joy that we found I LOVE ECO ESSENTIALS ; a beautifully produced and designed collection of skincare products from Denmark.

So, who are they? Well, they are a group of self proclaimed fundamentalistic eco-geeks, who have worked themselves into a passionate lather (pun intended) about creating products that don´t harm the environment in ANY way! They are fearlessly shaping a sustainable future – while providing you with the very best top-of-the-range luxe quality products for your body. And no need to worry about your waste water while using ILEE products – there´s not an iota of microplastic in sight! Which means that ground water, marine life and future generations are safe!

Please find below our wonderful collection of products!

I Love Eco Essentials – Cucumber Cloud (Aromatic Mist) 200ml £35
I love Eco Essentials- Squeaky Clean Hand Soap 250ml £22
I Love Eco Essentials – Soft Touch Hand Cream 30ml £6.99
I Love Eco Essentials – Soft touch hand cream 200ml £25


Click here to see our range of hand creams and soaps available in store and online now from £6.99-£35!