Sue Law

We’d like to introduce Cambridge artist, Sue Law.
After selling her successful business in Cambridge, Sue began her artistic journey. A foundation course led to a BA at Winchester School of Art and an MA at Norwich University of the Arts. Back in Cambridge Sue joined Cambridge Artworks where she has a studio with 17 other artists.
Sue has a fascination with process and the road that a new artwork takes towards completion.
Sue’s bronze sculptures show a flash of a face, drawn with a zig zag of metal but still with the essence of the person pictured. These pieces begin with a cast of a face – Sue then uses melted wax in the cast to make the artwork, painstakingly working in reverse to build a fragment of a face. These wax sculptures then go through the traditional lost wax process, used by artists for thousands of years! Once cast by the foundry Sue works on the bronze to achieve the perfect finish before patinating and mounting the work on oak plinths.
 ‘I Don’t Do Angry ‘
This bronze was inspired by a comment from a friend. The sculpture is the space around a giant fist- Sue’s ‘Anger’.
’Bronze III’ is part of this series of sculptures that are the negative space around a figure.
‘Can I have a Word in your Shell Like’
This small bronze began with a memory of the Cockney Rhyming phrase when holding a lovely small shell…..
Sue’s small face ‘Fragments’ demonstrate how we can visualise a whole face when shown just a small piece of that face. These works are made in Plaster, this enables Sue to show them directly on the wall.