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Bespoke Joinery

Together with good design and craftsmanship, beautiful, high-quality materials are the most important element of any design and the one that most obviously distinguishes an exceptional building. The vast majority of our projects require bespoke joinery in some form or other and this is where we are proud to work closely with Frazer Stannard Carpentry and Joinery, our sister company. Our skilled joiners understand how to get the best out of the materials, in the same way that a skilled and experienced diamond cutter can bring a raw diamond to life.  From doors and windows that are guaranteed to make a wonderful architectural statement for your property to bespoke cabinetry and staircases, we take great delight in utilising the finest materials available to add immense value to the interior and exterior of your property alike. 

Our architectural and interior design team will work closely with our joiners to create timeless designs that are beautifully specified using top quality ironmongery and fittings

We take immense pride in delivering the very best customer service. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your specific joinery requirements. We create unique designs personalised to your home using time-honoured materials that enhance the enjoyment of your home and add genuine personality.

If you’d like to learn more about our Cambridgeshire-based joinery services at Frazer Stannard Carpentry and Joinery, please click here to view the website.